The Hidden Power of the Littlest Christmas Tree

Time for some Common Sense Tidbits by Fabulous Frugal Belle:


Who ever said the “littlest Christmas tree” wasn’t as spectacular as the “grand Christmas tree?” Its perfectly OK for ya’ll to not cart in the biggest, most humongous tree you can find; drinks more water, drops many more needles and takes up half your house. The littlest tree is full of smaller wonders; drinks less water, drops far fewer needles and can fit pretty much anywhere. I personally don’t miss the physical hassles/duress of moving things out of the way, crawling into the attic and hauling out all the boxes of decorations then spending the next 2-3 days putting everything in place, then a day putting boxes away; the whole while anticipating having to do it all again, when time to put it away.

To each their own but trust me, its far better going into the holidays full of energy ya’ll, secondary to less time spent decorating as well as not having to answer all the questions regarding reason for all the band-aides on your hands. Besides, in our tough economic times, the small tree doesn’t look as bare, when there’s less gifts to share. Gives ya’ll more time to focus on teaching as well as enjoying, the true meaning of Christmas by example, with a truly legit reason to get away fromĀ  “grand commercialism” and a little Christmas.

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