Time to tackle the responsibilites tied to the Holidays

christmas duty

Ya’ll ready for some more of my Common Sense Tidbits? Ya’ll do know that you’re going to get some, whether you’re ready or not. 🙂

Today was MY shopping day for Christmas. I must say that within the first 30 minutes, I was tired from the pressure of my to do list, as well as from being overwhelmed by all the stimuli, people and traffic. A lesson to those who wait til the last-minute and to think I know better. I guess I’m human after all.

I do thank whomever came up with the idea of gift cards; what a godsend as well as timesaver. With gift cards, you don’t have to worry about giving the absolute correct item; just need the general information,who makes it and let the kids take it from there. The kids would much rather shop for what they really need and/or want. I don’t miss spending those numerous hours trying to find the perfect gift for each and everyone in the family, only to find out later that they weren’t really excited about what you gave them.

I have moved on to the next phase in dealing with the holidays; that which allows the adult children to take more of a part in being responsible for putting on the Christmas pageantry.Fortunately, our adult children have been very receptive in taking on the holidays; whether Thanksgiving or Christmas. My husband and I play more of a supportive role in helping where needed, as well as spending more time with the grandkids, which I love.  There is always the cleanup, which we all jump in and help with. More hands make for lighter work. As my husband and I get older and nearer to retirement, we’re ready to get off the treadmill and learn to relax again. The view of the holidays is much better at 25 mph vs 200 miles an hour when we’re trying to do it all. Slowing down and relinquishing total control is uplifting and comparable to seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child once again. The magic is returning. Then again, maybe I need to back off sampling of the goodies while baking.

No matter which phase of life you’re in, just remember to take the time to enjoy one another to the max and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Besides, you never know if this one will be our last, so, celebrate like there’s no tomorrow!!!! Another little tidbit of what’s to come for ya’ll. Once we get Grandpa retired, which is soon, we will bringing you all sorts of wonderful, down home family recipes with ingredients from his garden and made from scratch–the best!!! Later ya’ll.




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