Another twist to consider when taking probiotics

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I’ve been telling ya’ll how great probiotics are for improving your immune system  and like anything, there are side effects and /or surrounding issues you need to be aware of .

According to a 2008 Duke University study, the research group involved noted that Splenda was found to destroy beneficial intestinal bacteria and possibly interfere with prescription drug absorption. Many yogurts that claim to improve intestinal health because they contain active probiotic cultures actually also contain Splenda.

Sounds like a catch 22; darned if you do and darned if you don’t. Like anything we ingest into our bodies, more reading is warranted. I will be doing lots of that and will get back to you on this as I feel the benefits of probiotics far outweigh the negatives. In the meantime, ya’ll might consider restricting intake of splenda as well as discuss with your physicians.

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