Budget’s too tight for christmas gifts and you’re feeling blue

feeling blue

When Life deals you lemons, make lemonade:

Keep that “LOVING CHRISTMAS SPIRIT” and I guarantee ya’ll, that things will be OK. Being able to pass the most important thing of all along, that being LOVE, is a true gift. Most people get so wrapped up in the material side of Christmas that they lose site of the big picture. In days gone by when I was in college, my pocketbook was quite bare, leaving me without extra for anything over and above the basics. With not much to offer other than my gratitude for those around me, I decided to sit and write special “from the heart” letters to those that had touched me throughout the year. These special notes/letters turned out to be some of the best and most meaningful gifts I’d given over time. Don’t take me wrong, Material gifts are wonderful, but fall short in comparison to the long-term effects of the gifting of love from one person to another, even if only wrapped as a note with a bow.

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