Did ya’ll survive Christmas in one piece?

comfort after christmas

Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m so tired after all the driving to, visiting, eating and then driving home in a snowstorm that I’m sooo ready for the nice soft bed. What comfort something so simple can bring when we need some down time to recharge our batteries. What would we do without our comforts that we tend to go back to when we’re on overload?Had a discussion at dinner today about comfort foods and how they become a part of our psyche at a very young age. Once we associate the word with the food and vice versa, its etched in stone from then on. No matter what age we are, that food/comfort always come back to mind when mentioned or when in familiar surroundings that conjure up the memory. For me, a favorite comfort food throughout time as a child was popcorn. Walt Disney features were always on Sunday evenings and 1/2 hour before it started, we took the time to make a very large pan of popcorn and then proceeded in to watch the show as a family. Currently, whenever I go to the show to see a movie, have to have my popcorn. Its my comfort and I always look forward to having it. It doesn’t take subliminal messages on the screen to make me go buy it, its imbedded since childhood.

For dinner today, the family all took part in making a particular portion of a traditional German/Chek meal that was a unanimous comfort choice by the family. My husband is renowned in preparation of meat entrees, as he is the gifted one who has the passion for making homemade rubs/seasonings, step-son made the home-made rolled dumplings shared by a family friend years ago, home-made green and red sauerkrauts that my husband made this fall from cabbage grown in his garden, as well as sauteed brussel sprouts, home-grown squash and dinner rolls. it was truly a feast in itself and  family prepared from scratch, which made it more special as well as delicious. We then had a lovely plate of Russian desserts brought to us by a very special family friend. All in all, a very special Christmas with a truly remarkable meal and many comforts for all. I also noted a few tired and yawning faces after all was cleaned up and put away; all pleasure or comfort buttons appeared to have been fulfilled-success!!

I do hope that your Christmas day was as special and comfortable in each and every way possible. God bless you and thank you for letting me share my day with ya’ll. Please take the time to let me know how things went for you or wonderful ideas you’d like to share with others. Nighty Night and see ya’ll tomorrow.





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