Open your Hearts and Doors to those in need this Christmas


We’ve all been in situations where we feel alone and that no one cares. This is how we can individually, or as families, share the Christmas message by treating those in need as we would like to be treated. A small feat we can all do, especially when considering God gave his only son for our salvation.Look around ya’ll as there are people everywhere with no loving family around to take them in. Christmas is about love and what a better way to spend it than offering your hospitality to those without. It would be such a small task on our part, to help out our fellow-man in need and who would be so touched and humbled in return. Your gift of love could be as simple as visiting lonely people in nursing homes or neighbors living by themselves, taking in young and older friends without family for a meal and/or taking a box of fresh-baked goods to someone least expecting it. It’s also the perfect opportunity to teach your little ones about being selfless and caring for others.

Starting when I was very young and up to this day, many decades later, my memories are of the countless times that my parents, even with a large family of their own, included people without anywhere to go, into our family get together. My mom also made sure that they took a plate of food with them when they left. These are but a few examples of simple things that you can do. Even if struggling to stay on your budget, you can always spend time with someone and that costs nothing but precious time and is so powerful to the one on the receiving end.

There are also many programs available needing volunteers to care for people in need; ie Salvation Army, Local food banks, Red Cross, Church groups, school clubs. Merely call your local churches, schools, city event coordinators and ask. It only takes a phone call to bring hope and love to those that are down and out for whatever reason. We never know if and when we will be in their shoes and wondering if there is anyone out there that really cares.

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