Frugal Ways to Get ya’ll through the Winter Doldrums

winter family activityWinter is a beautiful season with properties that you either like or dislike. I’m personally attracted to warm weather climates so when winter rolls in, I’m ready to fly south with the birds. Unfortunately, flying south is not an option for me. I still have to go to work, still have family living around me that need to be checked on as well as my friends are here.


There are many good things that occur with winter: dying off of certain species of bugs, puts flowers/agricultural crops into needed dormancy, provides us with a change in scenery as well as brings about a change in available indoor and outdoor activities. Winter also has associations that we’re not really excited about, such as, poor driving conditions, very cold temperatures, our outdoor activity events taken away and increases our chores, such as shoveling and sanding of the snow and Ice. People tend to deal with the coming of winter in varied ways.

There are those who swear by their special indoor light-bulbs that make them feel better and/or those who adorn themselves with multiple layers and head outside into the thick of the cold weather. I’d personally recommend going to wherever they post your local community activities, to look for classes being offered during the season. Any activities promoting a healthier lifestyle is a good choice. There are also many schools and churches offering such events. An online search in your city might be another option for finding the perfect activity for you.

All forms of regular exercise, whether walking or dancing, skiing, ice skating, etc., will help us feel better as well as give us more energy. Learning something new is both a mentally and physically stimulating event in itself and can include such activities as learning another language, making various crafts, exercise class or possibly learning how to plant a garden in the spring, which will get you on your way to possibly learning how to harvest/preserve your own foods. If not wanting to do a community activity, there are always people around who could use a little help with various tasks and would be tickled if someone took the time to ask.

It’s that effort thing again; In order to achieve everything good, we have to show up to the plate and put out the effort. If it helps, bring along your children, spouse or friends to help keep one another motivated or just to create a regular family outing. Turn that negative feeling towards Winter around and make it an activity driven time of year.

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