Glad to be here and can’t wait to meet all of ya’ll!



I can’t express how excited I am to have the opportunity to meet ya’ll, as well as appreciative for the wonderful family support to take this on and more than anything, so looking forward to meeting each and every one of ya’ll. I’ve been on this planet for sometime now and have done many things as well as worn many tee-shirts. I truly respect the elder generations and their wisdom and hope to pass this on to ya’ll by providing the tools to make your lives more meaningful without having to re-invent the wheel. I will do my best to help teach you to “think outside of the box” by using your God given talents, without having to follow the confusing, leaderless mainstream. Hang on as it’ll be a ride worth taking!

Time for sharing some of Frugal Belle’s Common Sense Tidbits:

My mama always told me that E is for Excellence, Earned by Efforts to achieve Everything good. If temptations arise and they didn’t come from Efforts, don’t waste your energy and just walk right on by!!! Ya’ll will only achieve long lasting satisfaction when doing things yourself. Besides, how else will ya’ll be able to teach your children when the time comes?

Ya’ll come on back now!



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