Grocery Prices wrecking our budgets

grocery shopping

Action time ya’ll!! Call your state representative and complain. Also need to complain to your local grocers. They can learn to cut back in their bottom line as well. All sides must give. It’s the squeaky wheel concept; the more we all complain that things are not all right, the sooner changes will come about. It may not occur overnight by any means, but we must all keep this up.

It looks like high grocery prices will be the standard for a while, at least until the voice of the people demands change. We’ve been warned for sometime that this would happen and yes, we are now there. I see our adult kids juggling to manage the rising costs in one way or another, as well as many other families out there with mouths to feed. We will be okay in the interim; just need to make wiser choices in doing without things we don’t need.  It’s a matter of making the choice then living with it and in no time, a new habit is formed.

I remember seeing my grandmother, who grew up in the depression, save items such as tin foil and /or plastic wrap after washing it and hanging it on the line to dry. This was strange to me and I really didn’t understand at the time. I questionably watched her put what I considered old crackers/chips in the oven on a low temperature to revive the flavor and surprisingly it worked. When staying at her house, which I considered a treat, we would go out to the fields,  feed the chickens, lambs and cows, as well as milk the cows, collect eggs, harvest and preserve the fruits/vegetables from her garden. She also had a little room where she processed the milk and made butter. What phenomenal skills she passed on to her children and grandchildren. I personally never saw any of the disrespect prevalent between children and their guardians these days. It just wasn’t allowed.  Family members were required to help in order to get everything done. There was also freedom to do other activities, once chores were done. I remember her working from sun up to sun down and never stopping to rest and/or complain. She also found the time to help her neighbors, establish clubs in town as well as play the organ for various civic groups. Her living large lifestyle made a significant impression on me as a child.

The point I want to make is that I want you all to know that we can do what others before us have done to survive; live more frugally and still have quality of life in many forms. Instead of sitting on the couch watching movies/reality shows, eating too much, hanging out on computers day in and day out (not job related), make a personal choice to learn to be more independent from the system.  Obviously, life isn’t as labor intensive as in the past, but it still requires effort if we want our lives to be better; doesn’t just happen because we were born. We don’t need to hold out our hands for someone else to take care of us but merely put out the effort to learn more and try harder. It is possible as clearly demonstrated by our forefathers. Its time for New Years Resolutions and why not consider learning how to give up the starbucks splurge, preserve food, make your own beer, learn to sew; basic skills that will bring nothing but good into your lives as well as teach your children how to survive on their own.


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