Healthcare at the provider levels

obamacare The beginning of Obamacare is right around the corner. I’ve been in the medical/dental field for approx 35 yrs and I’m personally worried. Yes, our current healthcare system wasn’t perfect, but far better than what’s presently in store. As to how the current system will be able to add on care for an additional 30 million  people, someone hasn’t done their homework ya’ll.

Obamacare will do nothing other than create more regulations and demands on a group of people who’ve taken an oath to care for the sick. If you hadn’t noticed, doctors and auxiliary healthcare providers are not politicians. They barely have enough hrs in the day to take care of sick people and now, they’re being taxed with paperwork beyond belief. In addition to paperwork, the ever-changing regulations and now with “meaningful use” guidelines to meet, how are they going to be able to see any more patients than they do right now? As to how a civil minded individual can possible stay on top of all these government and insurance company demands, in addition to a full-time job of caring for patients, is beyond me.

A large number of the medical field personnel are top students, which I personally believe is nothing but a plus when entrusting your healthcare to someone. Common sense tells me that the government is over regulating the wrong group of people. These are the people who are self starters, smarter than the average Joe and are generally geared to please. It’s not their fault that there are more and more people in the world needing healthcare as well as the same people demanding the latest in healthcare. I personally feel that the demands of the outside entities will do nothing but eventually cut their own throats as I don’t think that too many medical providers will or can put up with this over the long run.

Typical days in any healthcare job are not  fun-filled. Dealing with sick people with many diseases, from all walks of life and cultures and working under high stress levels, is not an easy task. The last thing they want to hear during their day is that the government and/or insurance companies have changed or added more regulations etc.,  which will now require another person they can’t afford, to strictly deal with the additional change generated paperwork/authorizations.

The health system is also dealing with mandatory electronic health records. Who pays for this and who pays for managing of these systems? You guessed it, the providers, whose reimbursements are in the toilet. There is a payback program the government offers for its medicare/medicaid providers, which in no way comes close to paying for the computer systems to run the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and/or manage the systems long-term. It’s also interesting that all health care affiliated entities, are not using the same software, therefore, not everyone is linked into one system, so how is it that information is to flow freely? All the current inputing of data on people is being closely measured and from which, new healthcare guidelines are being made. It also tracks the population’s social information. Big brother really is sitting in your healthcare records.

I predict you will see more and more small medical practices or clinics closing secondary to inability to stay up with the changes on decreased reimbursements. I find it amazing that a cost freeze hasn’t been instigated at the bottom of healthcare. Decreasing reimbursements can’t possibly compensate for the constant increase in prices. There will be large clinics that the population will be directed to and regulations will control the options that people will be offered in regards to their care. Someone else will be telling you what you can do, other than the Doctors.

It’s a matter of time before this is the norm in healthcare management and having lived and worked in the era of some of the best healthcare in the world, I personally feel we’ll be going backwards in time. For the future generations growing up in this, they won’t know any better and/or won’t realize that its more and more of our freedom of choice being taken away from us. I wish nothing but the best health for ya’ll.

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