I don’t like discussing politics, but with that ugly term “Fiscal Cliff” looming…

fiscal cliffDoesn’t matter which political affiliation you profess to belong to or not, we are all in the same boat, waiting to see if we go over that feared fiscal cliff.  How did we ever get in this spot ya’ll? Appears that all affiliated parties, over a long period of time, have not been totally engaged and putting out the efforts required to appropriately do their elected jobs. It’s not just one person in particular but many of those, either side, that we the people have put there to lead. Where did we go wrong?

I don’t know how ya’ll feel but I’m rather disgusted in that not many of our leaders have had the courage to do what was right. No more of this political correctness and it’s not to late to demand that we get back to yes/no and right/wrong. If the budgets hadn’t been mutually balanced, then why were these people rewarded in forms of paychecks and other benefits as well as prestige for their positions, rather than held accountable and kept there until the job was done. As many have expressed to me, why aren’t these individuals fired and sent packing. In the real world, if we aren’t accountable to our employers, we’re shown the door. The people I’m referring to are all aware of their duties but seem to talk/flap their lips without anything meaningful to share. Where are our supposed leaders? What I’m seeing today, doesn’t impress me in the least. Why are we allowing the same old cronies to come back decade after decade. Once the food is spoiled ya’ll, we must throw it out and if we don’t, it merely affects surrounding foods until they go bad.

Seeing a president and various other leaders flying off here and there and not addressing how we, the ones paying the bill, feel about this, bothers me. If I can’t afford to pay for a plane ticket, I don’t fly.Where is the respect from our leaders to the people? In the past leadership of our country, it wasn’t uncommon for the leaders to back off on traveling etc, throwing extravagant parties, especially when the country was in dire straits. If I were in that position, I would be embarrassed to see my pictures on the front pages touting where I was off to and/or which countries I was making pledges to or who I was entertaining, when being full aware that my own country has many people needing help, a financial budget not being balanced as well as buried in debt with no extra monies. Where is the common sense??? It’s almost as if we’re being treated like we’re totally ignorant and I find that offensive.

I do hope that ya’ll are putting measures in place to help control your own family’s costs, in preparation for the fall off the cliff. I hope I’m wrong. They say taxes will go up for everyone. We already know that, food, fuel, insurances  and utility prices, to name a few, have already gone up and consequently leaving  us all stressed and wondering how we’re going to cut corners more in order to balance our own budgets. This is the time you need to be stock piling water, staples such as sugar/flour,dried foods (see sites below), as well as teaching all to dress appropriately for the cold weather by layering, to help cut back on your heating bills. I would like to hear what common sense you are following and doing to prepare. We will have videos/pictures coming in the near future, on ways to make jerky, salt cure hams, smoke meats etc.; ways to show you how to preserve meats for future consumption. I am not of a doomsday mindset, but I also don’t want to be caught unprepared. I do believe in my fellow-man and want all of you to remain diligent and keep your thinking caps on.





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