Importance of Fiber in Your Diets


Ya’ll know my fixation with tending to one’s health, because without it, you have nothing.  With a close family member currently dealing with potential colon cancer, my attention is focused here. The recommended time to starting monitoring your colon with colonoscopies comes sooner than you think and something you do need to discuss with your family physicians. With colon cancer being in the #3 slot of annual deaths in this country alone,  its reason enough to pay close attention, educate yourself and see what ya’ll can do to make your families’ and your own odds better.

If you’ve have ever had a family member dealing with colon cancer or unfortunately died from this disease and if they had a chance to say anything, I’m sure it would be to do whatever you can to prevent it in the first place. Of course, there are also those with a familial gene who need to be in close contact with their physicians at an earlier age, with significant emphasis on a preventative lifestyle.

We are all vulnerable to contracting diseases but can take preventative steps to hopefully lessen our chances. With the colon being a digestive organ, a great deal of healthy choices are associated with your dietary intake. Important things you can do are to lose weight, which isn’t always easy but something that definitely makes a difference in managing many disease processes, cutting back on the intake of foods high in fat and sugars as well as increasing your intake of daily fiber. There are so many forms of dietary fiber now available that there’s hardly any excuse to not try. The aforementioned healthy options are very doable choices and putting out the effort to incorporate these into your lifestyle ,will do nothing but help increase your odds for a disease free life. Besides, there isn’t a greater gift of legacy to your children and their eventual families, than starting early education and giving them the tools to live a healthier life.

So, as I always say ya’ll, put out the Effort for Excellence for Everything good and incorporate this into your New Years Resolution. I have included the following website that offers a great overall educational viewpoint on the Colon, as a starting point towards your healthier lifestyle. The best of luck. Let me know if ya’ll would like to have more information on this topic and/or any healthcare topic in particular.


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