Keep the Acts of Kindness Flowing in the Media

good deeds  I made note today of the amount of press coverage acknowledging the 26 acts of kindness being carried out in honor of the deadly shootings in Newton Conn. Its wonderful seeing positive press coverage, based on something of meaningful human substance, rather than the ongoing barrage of  divisive substance, including wars and politically related issues. I personally feel that this type of coverage is so much more powerful and truly what people want to see and/or hear.The shootings were nothing but pure devastation that were turned into a positive event by a few brave and caring people, to merely bring light back into the hearts of those affected. Love is such a phenomenal medium for handling grief and providing comfort. It also helps those not geographically close to the situation, but emotionally connected through the media. Its is a method or tool that has given people the ability to bring closure and peace, rather than hatred and divisiveness.

Observing the positivity created by these acts, I began to question why this type of behavior isn’t done on a more regular basis. Why can’t we see  more national press/media coverage of phenomenal things people are doing to help others in need, on a regular basis.  We see human kindness all around us but credence isn’t always given where it is due.Think of what the long-term effects would be on our society as a whole; merely by turning around the negatives by exposing more positivity in the world around us. It’s in man’s nature to care and want to make things better and what a better way to teach and pass on this characteristic, than through more and more press/media coverage. How uplifting that would be for all!

I’m sure there would be those who would say NO secondary to the cost factors for doing such a thing, but when you consider the positive influences this would provide to people’s psyches throughout the world, vs negative influences, the monies saved in health care alone for example, would be huge. People with positive attitudes always do better in healing overall than those with negative attitudes.  What a great influence this would have on our younger generations; making behaviors such as this a popular thing to do. Maybe this idea is liking searching for the pot of gold under the rainbow or traveling to the moon.  As they say, if you don’t try, you’ll never know but I do believe the positive effects would be exponential.

The facts are in front of our face and if we choose to put out the effort to continue providing media coverage of  caring societies and cultures, the world will start to be a better place. If the answer is to return to the status quo, the negative effects will continue to influence the younger generations and the devastating events will continue to occur. We can’t  evolve into a better society if someone doesn’t take the steps to change it. Emphasis on the human spirit and character needs to be brought back to the forefront by those with the courage to do so.


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