Children complaining-a good sign for a Challenge

Kids Jumping from Rock      Oh my, my mother would cringe if she heard anyone complaining about anything. I can hear her say, well, do something about it, OR are you just going to jump off the cliff  because everyone’s else is doing so? I wouldn’t, as a child, have ever admitted that she was right and swore that if she ever said that one more time, I was going to jump off the cliff.

I grew up in the days of tough love and after seeing how disrespectful our youth as a whole, are today, I’m so glad to have been brought up in a time of strict discipline and having to be accountable for myself as well as to others. My personal philosophy is that the tougher you can be on your children, the better they will survive out in the real world. The ultimate goal for parents and grandparents is to teach your children how to be independent by providing them with the mental and physical skills, as well as love, to be able to make it on their own some day.

When we as adults/parents/grandparents spend too much time trying to be our children’s best friends,  as if it’s a popularity contest, we’re doing nothing but crippling our child’s potential. Our children are sponges and so capable of learning anything and the time to teach is when they’re young. We only have a short period of time to do our job in and if we miss it, we can’t go back and re-do. Our job as parents or guardians, is to be there for guidance and teaching, not to continuously coddle our children beyond the point of common sense. Children need discipline, constant challenging, as well as continuous encouragement to learn to strive towards their full potentials.

I just had a conversation with my daughter in law in regards to her children not eating their lunches provided for them on a daily basis from home. They apparently started taking hot lunches, fully well knowing that they had brought lunches from home. The first my daughter in law had heard of this was a phone call from the school to come in and pay for their lunches. Children will be children as we all know. I told her that it sounded like the appropriate time for the kids to be making their own lunches. That way, they’re responsible for eating what they personally put in their own lunch and have no excuses for not liking it. Told her to merely set various food groups and necessary supplies out on shelf in the early morning and before or after breakfast, they could  take a few minutes to make their own lunch. It also frees up time for my daughter in law to get organized for her day at work while the children carry out a skill they are fully capable of. In the big picture of life, the kids gain another feather in their hat, towards independence.

I personally believe that all children  have special gifts and we need to help them discover what they are and encourage them to expound upon them. There’s nothing more exciting than watching a child of any age achieve their goals; whether mental, physical or both. The determination with eventual smile on their faces, states it all. Let them spread their wings, but be there in case they fall and need to get up to try again with mere encouragement. As we all know, there will come the day when our time is up and if you did your job to the utmost, your children will be out there, not afraid, living up to yours as well as their expectations.



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