Maximizing Health benefits after meeting your Annual Insurance Deductibles

Dr. visits

It’s the time of year where everyone’s trying to maximize their health insurance benefits, especially if near or having reached their annual deductibles.  If you have  met both your annual deductible as well as maximum out-of-pocket for the year; other than maybe a visit co-pay, the insurance company will pay the bill, leaving you with nothing owing at this point.

Most medical offices typically have openings in their schedules that last week of Dec. A lot of  people have already headed south for the winter, are on vacation or have already scheduled their regular doctor visits into next yr., therefore, leaving a lot of medical offices with room to see others. If you put off your visits, which some may choose to do, then you will be starting all over with having to meet another annual deductible once January 1st arrives.

If you’re not sure where you are with either annual or family deductibles, take a moment to call your plan supervisor or customer service through the number posted on the back of your insurance cards. Merely ask them if you’ve reached either your individual or family (especially if you’ve had a lot of family health expenses throughout the year) annual deductibles.

If you have met your deductibles, Ya’ll need to make sure and get in as many of your preventative checks as you can possibly schedule before last day of year, as there will be less out-of-pocket expense to you now.  If you choose to wait until next year, then you will pay more out-of-pocket once annual deductible starts again Jan 1st.  As always, it’s about choices and you must remember that no one other than you can take care of your own body and prevention if much better and cheaper than a medical crises, as we all know.


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