Nothing Better Than Cooking At Home

family cooking I personally don’t know how people can afford to eat out on a regular basis. Driving through town, I spot beaucoup families at many fast food eateries as well as at coffee houses. Maybe I’m clueless but the math doesn’t add up, that is, unless Aunt Mable left the majority of them a landfall of money. I personally don’t like the thought of living from paycheck to paycheck and a lifestyle of constantly eating out would definitely contribute to that philosophy.

Remembering back when, I could probably count the number of times my entire family ate out on one hand. My mother was a hard-working stay at home mom; cleaned, cooked, helped 8 kids with school lessons, volunteered at church, took care of elder couples and did the books for my dad’s business at night after we were all asleep. I can say that as a child, I never felt like there was anything out there, in the way of food entities, better than what my mom prepared at home.

We grew up in a small coastal town where everyone knew everyone, so when something new or different hit home, the whole town knew about it. On occasion a fast food restaurant would venture into town with the latest and greatest things to eat. Being in my teenage years about that time, I would occasionally go to lunch with friends who invited me and having only our lunch money to spend, we’d pool our funds together in order to be able to try a few of the new things.

My mom, being the creative soul that she is in the kitchen, would with the kids’ descriptions and encouragement, try re-inventing the special new food entities. 99.9% of the time, she hit a home run, therefore, we really didn’t ever feel slighted in the least. When we heard all our friends raving about something they tried but had to buy, we felt ahead of the game, by merely thinking out of the box and putting out a little effort.

I remember my mom making homemade bread every week; kneading the dough by hand with no bread making machines even thought of at that time. This particular bread recipe happened to be that of her mothers and the tradition was being passed onto us, the grandchildren. Preparation of the dough ran like clockwork and guaranteed us a special treat every Friday; ranging from Cinnamon rolls, homemade pizza, to fried bread etc. I’d give anything for that now, but with the common sense we’ve learned over time about foods and consequences towards our health, I’m afraid we don’t allow ourselves those pleasures on a frequent bases anymore.

There are many people out there with a passion and talent for cooking, who have taken on the old recipes of the past and re-created new healthier options that are still as tasty. Finding these recipes is such a walk in the park with the internet access to everything these days and with a mere typing of a few words, hundreds and thousands of recipes are literally at your fingertips.

Dad and moms, take the time, put out the effort and learn to be creative in the kitchen. This can be turned into a great family event as well as will save you lots of money in the long run. Besides, look at the valuable lessons you would be teaching your children; how to surviveĀ  by their own making. Sounds like a win-win situation ya’ll.

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