Retirement and the golden years???


I’m sure ya’ll have heard about the golden years from someone  in your lifetime. Now that a close family member of mine is doing so this month, reality is starting to set in. Its time to tighten the purse strings and really adhere to the monthly budget with plans for a little fun here and there. After approx 40 yrs of being self-employed, retirement is a scary or foreign thought. No more paychecks, no more having to get up at the crack of dawn, no more fixing equipment or buying supplies on ones own time, no more late nights being on call or completing necessary unplanned projects. No more “only have a weekend” to do everything in or only having 2-3 weeks of vacation a year. Being self-employed, there isn’t a lot of extra cushions you can count on, other than what you worked hard for, saved, invested and have left over after the cost of living. There are no extra handouts coming in from anyone, other than if one decides to collect social security, which you have personally funded from all those decades of work.There is no one to go to for answers other than yourself, which has reinforced being independent, taking chances and thinking out of the box.

Working hard and saving was the principled way America use to promote. Now entitlement programs from unions and the government for example, are running rampant with no guarantees of funds being there when needed. The biggest difference is that being self-employed allows you to manage your own savings and not having a third-party or other entity involved in the management of your retirement funds. It didn’t use to  be an issue when we could trust people and now there appears to be a scoundrel on every corner who promises whatever it takes to draw you in for a pretty penny, with no guarantees. There are so many more hands in the honey pot, who knows what honey will even be left before you’re retired.

There is the saving grace—FREEDOM AND TIME!!!! Issue will be re-learning how to slow down, relax and re-invent yourself in new roles. No iron clad schedules with time to stay up late, able to plan whatever during the week instead of waiting for the weekends, spend time working on all those honey do’s that have been building for ages, spend time with the kids/grand kids and have time to work on anything that you very well choose. I personally believe that all those years of being disciplined to go to work on a regular basis, as well as saving along the way and doing without having the latest and greatest, will make adjustment to retirement very doable. It is a new and scary adventure but one that will be most welcome.



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