Self induced stress VS Reality!


Ya’ll don’t need to be reminded that we all have control over our own stress levels and yes, there are always a few exceptions.  I’m presently hearing an excessive amount of “I’m feeling stressed out” coming from all angles. The holidays have a tendency to push us all to our limits and beyond, but need to remember who’s in charge? Sit down, take a few extra deep breaths, get out a tablet and pen and write down what exactly it is that’s making you feel out of control. During moments such as this, stay away from alcohol or medications that will only cloud the issues and not solve anything.These simple actions will help you organize your thoughts and simplify your thought processes. Prioritize your issues and deal with them one at a time. Trust me, they will all wait on that list until you get to them. For me, I always put the life and death type issues at the top and everything else obviously goes behind that. Deal with your own personal issue next as you will be no good to anyone if your thought processes aren’t functioning appropriately. Now, deal with the remainder one at a time and always remember that nothing on that list, unless an emergent situation, will keep the sun from coming up the next day.

If your finances are bogging ya’ll down, be realistic and address them as good/bad decisions. WE All KNOW when we should or shouldn’t do something and WE All KNOW there are consequences when we try to fool ourselves and ignore the facts. If funds are tight for example, then be honest with yourself and stay on tract. If you can’t afford something that you really want to give someone etc., come up with an alternative choice. Most people won’t die if they don’t get something. They’re more concerned about spending time with you. Things don’t make the memories; it’s the people affiliated with them or the events that do.

When honest with ourselves, there is generally a rush of relief when not having to deal with lies/guilt. The month following the holidays can be brutal, that is, unless you’ve lived within your means, used common sense and spent less time worrying and more time just enjoying the moments. Life is only as hard as we want to make it. Stay on that high road ya’ll.







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