Taking a Day to Make Special Treats for Family

carmelcorn   My husband has gone off hunting for the day and I actually have spare time without interferences, therefore, have decided to make some extra special treats for the family holidays. I was blogging on pinterest.com and ran into what I call the “best caramel/cinnamon/pecan popcorn I’ve ever tasted, on the ” homeisright” blogspot. The carmelcorn is so good and the recipe so easy, that I’ve decided to share the page with you (below). Its DELICIOUS and a definite keeper!


Its one of those recipes in which most of the ingredients are already on your shelves. Like me, you might have to go out and buy some pecans ( or use nuts that you already have such as almonds or macademia nuts) as well as a package of almond bark or use white chocolate chips. The recipe didn’t ask for it but I also added cranraisins to 1/2 of the batch.  The recipe can be done in the microwave with a little baking involved at the end. Very Easy and might even be one of those recipes you have the kids help you do; might be another great tradition for your family to take part in.

Enjoy!!!! PS. Try not to eat too much so that you might have some left for little gifts for your neighbors/friends!!! 🙂


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