The Excitement of the Holidays is heightening

Only 7 more days til Christmas Eve and the beginning of the celebration!!


Don’t know where most of you are in your preparation, but ya’ll could say we’re down to the wire. Almost time for lift off. I’m not totally ready and routinely start feeling a little anxious about this time. But for some reason, anxiety shouldn’t be a part of the holiday spirit so, after taking a few extra deep breaths, my brain re-organizes its thoughts and a new plan of attack is now in motion. Fine tuning!!! What is and isn’t completed at this time isn’t the end of the world.

Time to look around and appreciate each little thing put there by effort, as well as each person totally taken in by the Christmas spirit, secondary to your God-given talents in what you do. It’s now time to sit back and start enjoying as if there’s no tomorrow. The holidays and that loving Christmas spirit is so short-lived when compared to the big picture of time and once its over, it can no longer be re-produced; a masterpiece in itself.

I did come upon a fun and lighthearted North Pole website, full of  the holiday spirit, with interactive for all. Check it out. Santa Claus and Christmas at the North Pole.In the meantime, don’t stress, merely Enjoy and take it all in as we grow nearer and nearer to the special day of Christ’s birthday celebration.



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