The Last Minute Preparations on the Day of Christmas Eve

santa and jesus

This morning is the last day of travel, cooking, shopping or whatever it is that we have to complete in preparation for Christmas Eve and Day. Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m glad to still be alive and in one piece. I find it amazing that one holiday, special as it is, requires such a long period of preparation…

Years ago, the preparation for the holidays wasn’t as big a spectacle as it appears to be in the current day and age. Of course, we didn’t have near the degree of commercialism, which is the current reality, whether we like it or not. I remember the days when flocked and or artificial trees first came into being. These were the rage for some families who wanted to have the latest and for others, the traditional tree with its wonderful fragrance was still the standard. Tinsel was hung on everything, including the trees, as well as ornaments, along with children’s school Christmas projects. Precursors to Christmas tree skirts as we currently know them, were cotton/flannel type coverings wrapped around the tree stand and base of the tree.

The time that most families celebrated Christmas varied. Some chose to celebrate on Christmas Eve after dinner and before Midnight church services, as well as some chose Christmas morning then went to church. In my childhood home, we typically celebrated christmas eve by being allowed to open one gift, then went to midnight mass, came back for a big celebration with family and friends who typically left around 3 in the morning. Mom and dad tried to get us to sleep in Christmas morning, but we, overly excited children were up at dawn checking out what Santa had left under the  tree. Celebrating Christ’s Birthday on the Eve or Day was very much a part of most families’ tradition and usually included family friends and/or  extended families. There was clearly more emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas vs the materialism we commonly see at the forefront now a days.

Christmas was also a time that people commonly reached out to their neighbors in need and brought them into their homes or went out of their way to include them in whatever way they could. This wonderful service is still being done today and typically sponsored by many non-profit organizations and staffed by many caring volunteers. I do hope that parents are still teaching their little ones to continue this type of behavior as part of their Christmas tradition.

Those traveling are most likely now at their destinations and excitedly engaging in visiting, partaking in the wonderful homemade foods and sharing wonderful memories of times past. What a phenomenal time of year; sharing love, like that which was shared with us on the first Christmas morning many years ago. Merry Christmas to ya’ll and your wonderful families and friends!!! May God bless you.

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