The Senseless killings in Newton Conn. touched all of us today


I want to pass on my most sincere condolences to all ya’ll affected by the senseless violence that took place in newton Conn. today.¬† May God carry all affected through to eventual healing.To even think that such an event as this would occur, is utterly astounding, but factually, they appear to be on the rise in this country.

People are quick to jump on the issue of gun rights but fail to realize that it’s not the gun but the perpetrator. I heard someone being interviewed this morning shortly after it had happened and he reminded us that on 9/11, the country was brought to its knees by men using box cutters and crashing planes into buildings.If someone has the motive, they will use anything as a weapon.

I personally feel that we as parents and grandparents, need to be more vigilant in protecting our children from being desensitized to killings and/or violent death, by being more vocal towards the products being put on the market, such as violent video games, violence in musical lyrics, senseless reality television shows, as well as the quality of movies being made.They wouldn’t be in existence if we didn’t financially support them.

In decades gone by, we didn’t have video games, reality shows and the movies that were being made, were highly monitored by our parents/guardians. Our parents also didn’t allow us to sit in the house all day watching television or sitting in front of computers etc. We were required to do homework daily as well as chores or to help wherever needed when asked by our parents and when done with that, we spent a deal of time outdoors playing with our siblings and/or peers and as a consequence of this type of lifestyle, we didn’t have the exposure to the violence that kids have today. If we had seen a video game such as those on the market for kids today, we would have knocked one another over, while running to tell our parents. Violent behavior was not acceptable or allowed. We were always held accountable for what we did with consequences attached. I can’t site studies that support my theory, but common sense points me in this direction. We also didn’t have the pressures from mass media marketing/computers controlling our minds every waking minute of the day. Just look around and you will note that it’s not uncommon to see the younger generations¬† walking with their heads down while focused on their video screens/txt msgs. or the people on their phones talking so loud in public places that it red flags your attention as blatant rude behavior. What ever happened to common courtesy and acknowledging other human beings within the same vicinity and/or taking your phone conversations outside or to a private area? It’s almost like our social skills have gone out the window secondary to being addicted to mass communication on machines. Isn’t that sad but ironical?

Civilized man may be clever, but in the long run, his game usually wins. Look at what happened to the Mayans as well as the Romans? Are we really headed in the right direction?

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