Time for 2012 Reflections

happy  new years

What a ride this past year has been ya’ll; personally and for the country as a whole. The main theme coming to mind is how divisive we’ve become as individuals and as a nation, until national tragedies occurred. It is so sad and unfortunate that it takes such catastrophic events to wake people up. Why have we become so self-centered in our overall choices?

Growing up in this great nation years ago, people were more in tuned with caring for their neighbors as well as their country in general. It wasn’t all about politics back then and more about the family and taking care of others when in time of need. The extended family was topic of normal conversation and family events were common. We, as children, loved these events in that we were able to spend time with people who cared and personally contributed/influenced us children, on how to grow up in a responsible way. There were a few characters at family events that were considered a little odd from a children’s’ viewpoint, but that taught us how to get along with and care for everyone, no matter what. There were also no safety/security issues to think about; that would have been a foreign concept. Freedom to be ourselves was huge but had to be learned and treated with respect and with consequences.

There weren’t electronic gadgets on every desk, in her purse or in everyones hands. People actually took time to visit and converse with one another. Social media wasn’t even a concept back then. It was most common to be a part of an annual telephone call to relatives afar, which was typically brief in duration as the cost of such an event was high, relative to cost of living/salaries. Those moments/memories were considered quite special and everlasting, as they weren’t common.

Communication today is not what communication was. It now appears to be self-centered based,  in that no consideration is given anyone other than those in the inner circle of the event, meaning, so many others are left out if not in the having of the free time to spend, not in the having of the equipment and not in the having of the lifestyle that’s considered cool or happening. There’s twitter, tumblr, pinterest, facebook, google etc., all social media sites that to me, are so chaotic and not user-friendly for all generations, as well as some not considered safe for the youngest generation. Communication has become dis-jointed in that we now txt or leave brief messages that are in code. What is this doing to our overall communication skills as well as being able to spell? We, as a nation, are genetically changing into something undesirable by choice.

Then, there’s what I call the Hollywood influence; social media engagement for attention, violent video games, movies and music without censorship.  The fact that we pay for this, financially empowers them to do what they do without consequences. When will they be held accountable for what they are doing as far as brainwashing our younger generations? Where is their positive influence towards building a healthier and more educated society? We use to sit down and spend time playing cards/games; all as a form of communication with others as well as the games providing mental tools for learning; again for the betterment of all involved and not just a self-centered event. I personally believe that a society based only on yourself and feeling good is a nowhere/dead-end street. We as a nation, are starting to seeing the influence of a few generations of this influence. My youngest son’s generation grew up on the video games/computer influence and I now see where this has changed how families communicate. The obvious change in morals and lack of heightened sensitivity to harming others, are other observations. When this type of culture dictates supremacy over the household, something is definitely wrong.

The overall influence from social media, including, movies, games, phones and computers, is here to stay but unless we are more disciplined and accountable for the consequences of our own personal actions towards others, these types of communication could be our downfall as a society. The best way to bring things back to center is for us to all start at home, communicating with one another and teaching; including discipline, on how to use media in appropriate ways with consequences attached when we don’t. So simple if we’d only put out the effort as it won’t just happen on its own.

Like President Kennedy stated decades ago; “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” This is how we worked as a nation back then and now it appears things are the other way around, which isn’t working. Time for better personal choices ya’ll. Again, one of my mottos: ” E is for Excellence, Earned by Efforts to achieve Everything good.” I also pray to God that we, as man, will humble ourselves and ask  for help in being better.” The best of everything to ya’ll for 2013 and may God watch over each and every one of you!



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