Time for the descendents of the Greatest Generation to Step Up

forward thinking

In the book of my time, I’ve always been the most disciplined, hard-working, business focused individual when it came to my job. Whenever a challenge and no matter what it was, I never had to be asked to jump in, problem solve and fix it; even if not my problem. My parents raised 8 children and we have all driven to the top of the charts. Work ethics, teamwork and no job too small, were all ingrained in each of us at a young age.

After almost 35 yrs. in the fields of medicine and dentistry, I’m facing the end of one life’s journey and starting out on another. I  do not fear the challenge and actually am re-invigorated by it. I will never look back and say anything other than I gave  my all and now I’m ready to do something different. Looking around me, I see so many talented and educated individuals who have been doing what they do for decades and not many appear to even enjoy or have a passion any longer for what they’re doing. I also see many who have retired and aren’t doing anything other than taking care of their own needs. I find this very sad, especially when you know how much so many have to offer in terms of overall knowledge; if only they’d take a chance and re-invent themselves while they’re still vibrant human beings and can pass so much on to others.

There are many reasons for people to remain in their ruts, including, age, raising of kids and finances for a few. I also hear the older generations expressing discontent with the world of social media/technology. I don’t know if we as humans have a natural tendency to paint ourselves into a corner as part of natural attrition or if we just give up too easy without trying. There are many who do take the time to re-invent themselves but way too many who don’t.

In a day and age when our world needs wisdom from those that really could make a difference, too many are giving up and throwing in the towel. Humans are social beings and without social interaction, we shrivel up and eventually die, sooner than need be. I hear the frustrations of the older generation towards the younger ones, but what good does lip service do. I personally believe this country has seen too many decades of brainwashing lip service. Time for some good old “walking the walk” examples and who better to teach it than those who have been there.

There are so many young children for example, who don’t have good examples at home or because of both parents working, have to be shuttled here and there; missing out on a lot of micromanagement, such as having someone teaching them the basics by example. Just open your eyes and realize the need is everywhere. I so commend those who have retired and have taken on the challenge to put themselves out there to help others. If we’re ever going to turn this country around and get back to what it was when the greatest generation was running things, we, those who experienced this, have got to step in. Its time to move forward ya’ll!

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