Traditions to link the generations

traditionChristmas and New Years are wonderful tools for transferring tradition on to theĀ  next generations. It’s a time to reflect on Holidays past and the wonderful people who were a part of them and now only here in spirit. Its time to bring out/share those little mementos/memories that played such an important role in the past and which are important enough to continue on into the legacies of future generations . Our children/grandchildren need to know their pasts, including family traditions and especially the people, whom our little ones are genetically made up of.

Members of the younger generations are generally more than eager to hear stories from the past. It’s that connection to family that make the stories even more special. These dialogues also open the door to bring out photos, letters etc., which helps us older generations refresh our memories as well as reward us with a trip down memory lane.

When planning out your special days, do take the time to plan on reinforcing the importance of family, present and past, in whatever ways you creatively come up with. This will ultimately serve to strengthen your familial bonds as well. Do enjoy the moments the holidays provide. Remember, it’s that “E” thing ya’ll have heard me say before; everything good takes Effort.



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