Uses for the Waste Oil from your Car’s Oil Change

Waste Oil in a Plastic JugWhen I purchased a couple BMWs few years ago, I found that everything down to the oil was somewhat cost-prohibitive.  For instance, 10W-60 motor oil would run me about $20/quart!  So I wanted to find out ways to make this motor oil stretch a little further to get the most out of my money.  That’s when I started researching uses for waste oil.

Probably the most effective is a Waste Oil Heater, which can be used to heat a home or garage.  You can also run a copper pipe to drip into a wood heater for additional burn power.  Other uses include:

  • Filter the waste oil with a coffee filter and use for bar lube for your chainsaw.
  • If you have a diesel motor and filter the used motor oil down to one micron, then you can simply add a little to your diesel fuel to cut your fuel cost a bit.
  • Waterproofing timber (not environmentally friendly).
  • Soak rusted mechanical devices.

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