View through your Children’s Eyes RE: Sharing Holidays with Parents


loving your chldrenRemember to look through your children’s eyes during the holidays, before making demands on family members to make their children go here or there to see so and so etc. From a child’s viewpoint, this is nothing but chaos and all they see and feel are the stress on their parent’s faces and in their voices.

Having gone through a divorce myself as well as having step children and grandchildren who are products of divorced families, our world during the holidays hasn’t been perfect. It has been a learning experience and has helped teach me the true meaning of sharing as I don’t believe there’s anything harder than having to uproot your little one (s) out of your holiday plans/festivities, of which they are generally an important part of, to take them to their ex spouse’s festivities.

The key I’ve learned is to enjoy the moments to the utmost and live like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t take the small things for granted and always look through your children’s eye before commenting. No matter what, do not start bad mouthing the other spouse or family. What good does that do the children, other than make negative marks in their memories that will last a lifetime and more than likely, make them dread Christmases to come.

Children want happiness and peace in their families. We as adults know what brings that and must do our best at providing this environment. This doesn’t cost anything other than the effort to bring it about. Love your children while you have them and deliver them happily to your ex spouse or whomever, with wishes for their wonderful holiday spirit to continue.  Treat them the way you want to be treated, with dignity and respect. What a better life example for them to carry on into their futures and what better coping skills could a parent give his children.

Realize, the children will be back and most likely more than happy to see you, if you have treated them the way you should. Your broken heart will mend and tomorrow will bring another day. Live on those wonderful memories when they aren’t with you and know that they are with you in spirit. Love always wins out over hatred in everyone’s hearts!!! 🙂



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