Window Shopping and Saving Money Online

Shopping_window_SGI think we all have purchased something, only to turn around later that day and find a better deal elsewhere, feeling that horrible feeling of buyer’s remorse.  It used to be the case with me that when I would see something I really felt I needed (or rather wanted badly), I usually would knowingly pay more money to have that good right then and there.  If you can spare a week on receiving that purchase, you might find yourself saving a few $’s with every purchase, or a lot more, once you have had time to evaluate how badly you really need/want that purchase.

Typically, I find myself in a store looking at something >$100 and while I sure would like to have that widget, which would undoubtedly complete my life, I turn to my iPhone or just head home to the computer to see what kind of deals I can get on that widget.  Most of the time, I will find that widget on numerous online retailers’ web sites for 50-75% of the cost, and with free shipping!  Most of the time, I purchase the widget at what I see as the best deal from the most reputable online retailer.  Saving 25-50% on a purchase as great, but every once in a while, I find myself doubting my purchase, as I am waiting for it to get from point A, to point B and all the way to my door step.  In certain cases, I instruct the postman to “return to sender”, which has just saved me 100% on something I did not need after all.

Another good way to save some money is by using ebay to find your widget you so desperately wanted in the store, BUT only deal with reputable sellers.  Sellers who have a high number of buyers who have given them a positive rating.  I never buy from someone who has < 100 ratings and under 98% positive.  I even purchase used items on ebay, so long as the item is still in good shape, which has saved me even more money.  Thus far, my biggest savings have been from purchasing a ’02 Mini Cooper S JCW (saved $8,000), a ’06 BMW M3 (saved roughly around $15,000) and a ’03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (saved about $6,000).

So, the next time you find yourself irrationally wanting to buy something, try to take a step back, shop around online for a deal and if you still need to purchase that widget, at least you will still have some additional time to think about your purchase before it is delivered to your front door.

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