AIG Savings Account: Kid and Parent friendly

children investing moneyI’ve had a lot of people interested in helping teach their kids how to save so dug a little further and found more valuable information. The site listed below is a very friendly beginning savings account for kids and handled by their parents. There is no fee involved and is sponsored by AIG. Might be worth looking into.

When I was about 8-9 years old, My father personally took me into a small coastal credit union, along with my winnings from the county fair and opened a savings account. I was so excited at the time as I was given the responsibility of keeping track of my deposit book, which we had to take in every time we added funds to the account. This was strictly my account and all monies in it were generated by myself. It was very rewarding as a child to watch the money grow. Instilled a great habit that I’ve always maintained; only exception is that it’s now done via electronic vs the hard copy deposit ledger. Am I dating myself ya’ll??

Child and parent friendly beginning Savings Acct.

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