Am Back–traveling South from the Cold north!

winter travel day Don’t fret!!! I’m back. Just had a travel day; leaving the cold, icy and white north, to the not as cold and non white southern end of Washington State. Missed blogging today but will be back at it soon. A coyote ran in front of my car while driving on the freeway–kind of shook me up. At least he or she didn’t suffer. I do thank the young gentleman who stopped behind me for support after I had pulled off the freeway to check what had happened.

Did have one funny incident. Went to the car wash when I got back into town, as my car was unrecognizable. At the end of the drive through car wash, when the blasting air comes on to dry your car, the ice on top of my car exploded and pelted everything around it; the young men who were towel drying my car dove. We were all laughing as we didn’t expect that and fortunately, no one was hurt.

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