Being Effective in your Frugal Lifestyle

choices  A frugal lifestyle is a personal choice or commitment. It’s about taking ownership of one’s own life. You basically have 2 choices; one being positive and pro-active or the opposite; negative and blaming everything other than ourselves for what happens. To be frugal, one has to take a long and hard look at themselves and their families in order to be successful.

Many questions have to come to mind before one can be considered frugal and on your way to a positive lifestyle. What are you and your families’ goals? Before you can even create goals, you need to look at your financial situation; income, expenses, debt and/or savings. What are your priorities and their order of significance?  What are your reasons for what you and your families spend and/or don’t spend? Do you follow your own rules? Have you had a frank conversation with your family and friends as to how you want to live? Realize that verbalizing this is a big step in the right direction. It lets other know what you think with consequent respect towards your choices and not inadvertently putting you in situations that are contrary to your choices.

Peer pressure traps are everywhere out there. Avoid them like the plague. If people don’t respect your lifestyle choice, then maybe you need new friends. Seeing your peers with bigger and better toys might be hard to swallow but realize you don’t wear their shoes and don’t know their story, so don’t be envious and/or judge others. Besides, the bigger and better might just be a facade to cover reality. The old clique, “Living like the Jones,” isn’t cracked up to be what you think it is. All things get old and cost to maintain.

Don’t be afraid to say NO, if something causes you to have to circumvent your goals. Stay on goal. Listen to your family and create goals together; ones you can all stay on and work together to achieve. The ultimate goal in the end will be the mental, spiritual and physical freedom you will have not being tied to debt, materialism or consumerism. It’s a choice we all have the option to make ya’ll.


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