Belle’s Ongoing Search For Funds to Help you Get Started

collegeIn my continuous search for funds to help you get started, I ran upon the following Link which appears to be available for many diverse areas. There is business start-up/expansion funds, First time home purchase, Historic bldg preservation etc funds, Tuition/education expenses, Medical Research and Invention Funds as well as Monies for Disabilities and Veteran assistance funds. There is a $24.95 fee for setting up with an attached guarantee, so not a whole lot to lose in my view.

The site also states that if you don’t find funding through this website applications, you can provide them with a copy of the letter and your set up fee will be reimbursed. The reviews state the site is “very user-friendly.” Give it a try as you won’t know if you don’t put out the EFFORT!  Let me know what ya’ll think so I can let others know as well. Good Luck!





Link: Available Funds for Business, Housing,Schooling and Indiv.

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