Best Ever- Homemade Garlic Croutons

Crouton1 There are at least 5-10 different bags of flavored croutons on the store shelves these days. Personally, we like to make our own when needed, as nothing compares in taste.

1)Save older bread that is near death or ready for the birds. (Best if using french or sour dough bread). Cut up bread into cube size and spread out on cookie sheets. Put in oven at about 175 degrees for approx 1-2hrs (when lightly browned and dry to touch). Take sheets out of oven, let croutons completely cool then put in ziploc bags and store in dry place.

2)When ready or in need of croutons (such as for a topping on a luscious Cesear salad), take out as many croutons that you will need. Put a small frying pan on low with approx 3 Tbl butter (or more if more than 1 c croutons are being made). Once melted, mince 1 large garlic clove and add to the butter and let cook until garlic aroma rises. At the point when butter/garlic are bubbling in the pan, dump your garlic cubes into the pan and stir continuously, until all cubes are coated and heated through. Might toss in a pinch of sea or coarse salt if needed. Once that is done, set aside and let cool.

Wella, the best garlic croutons are now ready to be topped onto whatever it is that your imagination is creating!! Enjoy!!

PS In our house, we have to hide them before use, as everyone knows how wonderful they are justĀ  to munch on as a snack!

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