Blogs create confusion about living frugally

fool and his moneyThe more and more websites I visit in regards to living frugally, the more exasperated I get. I see a total oxymoron in that living frugally means doing without a lot of stuff; meager existence and having the foresight to plan, yet so many websites do nothing but promote acquiring things, with ongoing barrage to clip coupons, sign up for free drawings, purchase this and that for less; on and on.  I thought the purpose of being frugal was to save and plan for a better life down the road. Am I missing something? I realize that most websites are out to promote themselves to gain followers and in turn receive advertisement monies from various consumer related entities. I don’t see a whole lot of content on most of these blogging websites other than instant gratification of sorts, luring the followers in. Where is the common sense to weed through all the fluff? Isn’t it obvious to viewers/followers that this isn’t living frugally? I see nothing but reinforcement to keep on acquiring/spending, under the disguise of  doing it frugally. Wow!!! It’s as if consumerism is more important than the people these blogs are supposedly helping.

In my opinion, the whole concept of living frugally is being taken out of context secondary to the almighty dollar. I realize that everyone needs to pay their bills but to make money through deception isn’t okay. We do live in a country with freedom of choice but is this approach to promoting a twisted definition of frugality, operating with integrity.  We strive to create a better life for ourselves and our families on one hand, yet on the other hand, sell ourselves short to make the dollar. What we say and what we’re doing doesn’t add up.

I’m sorry to be such a stick in the mud but I find what I see very contradictory and have a hard time believing the concepts I’m seeing posted out there. What kind of examples are we being for the younger generations? We want our world to be better yet not enough people are making the changes in how we truly live our lives. WE all need to be responsible for what we’re blogging out there and present the truth, not just what we know will bring in followers and make money.

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