Don’t be Afraid to Ask; worst answer is NO

asking for helpI remember the days when I did without a lot of things, only because I didn’t have the funds for the asking prices, in my pocket. I came from a family of 8 kids and we didn’t have a lot but you wouldn’t have known that because we didn’t focus on materialism. We learned how to improvise and make things ourselves, as well as took very good care of anything we did buy.

Being raised to be frugal, wasn’t an intentional choice, but moreso, the reality. I’m so thankful today that I grew up in the household I did. I learned that happiness doesn’t evolve around “things.”  Also learned that you had to work as well as save to buy things. My parents didn’t hand us kids things other than the basics, which was A-OK.

A few decades later, including time spent traveling abroad and visiting other lands, I have a totally different overall picture of what’s important for people around the world. The basics for survival are pretty much the same; everyone’s struggling to figure out and work with the systems within their own cultures/communities. We all need to eat, sleep, have some sort of roof over our heads and a way to maintain our basic habits.

There is always a way to survive if the passion/desire is there. We all have our inner talents/strong suits to offer as services, in addition to bartering whatever possessions we have with someone having something we need. I can attest that bartering is alive within the US. I have personally witnessed it being used in the medical, auto, travel and retail worlds. This can be a reality for anyone who’s willing to try. I know that it is intimidating at first but realize that the worst case scenario is the answer NO, which allows you the choice to walk away and look elsewhere.

Several examples come to mind; you need to see a doctor and don’t have insurance or funds. Go into any medical facility and ask to personally speak to the finance individual or the doctor. Look them in the eye and tell them the truth and what you can or can’t do. You might be surprised as to their answer. Also, if buying a car, don’t be afraid to do your homework then approach them as to what your offer is and reason why. Word of advice before telling your story, is to ask whether or not the individual in front of you, is the one who can make financial/business decisions and if not, ask to speak to the appropriate person(s). If you have to make an appt to do so, then so be it, as you will at least be able to discuss and determine feasibility. Be aware that the people at the bottom have more of a tendency to send you away without even asking their superiors.

We all need to realize that there is a human component including empathy for our fellow-man, that is within us all; no matter what your situation in life is. Listening to another humbled human being in need is something most people can’t pass on. Being a former business owner, I’m very familiar with this practice and always tried my best to work with people who asked. We’re all humans and most of us have had to struggle at different points in our own lives. Don’t be afraid, merely Ask, ya’ll!!










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