Effects of Social Media on Art of Communication?

social media communication I have spent the last month trying to learn the art of Social Media and though feeling a little better about the big picture, I’m a little worried about what I see. Again, its only been a month and I still have a ton to learn, yet I do have a growing concern for mankind.

We’ve all read or heard about the negative and positive of social media/internet on kids. The area of concern I have is the inability to hear or observe the person you’re communicating with. There is a fine art to communication. A big part of communication is body language as well as eye contact. There is so much a person can pick up on about another individual, without even saying a word. There are those who say we learn who we are through our relationships.

What will happen without the physical presence as well as immediate feedback (spoken and unspoken) we normally obtain and/or experience when communicating with another human being. According to Dr. Larry D Rosen PhD, (prof of psychology at Calif. State University, Dominquez Hills), there are “adverse effects of social media, including but not limited to, narcissistic behavior in teens; antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies in young adults.”

Dr. Rosen went on to state, in his Aug 2011 article, Social Networking’s Good and Bad Impacts on Kids, that “daily overuse of social media and technology has a negative effect on the health of all children; leaving them more prone to anxiety, depression and psychological disorders. He also noted that studies had demonstrated that middle school, high school and college students who checked social media (facebook) at least once during a study period of 15 minutes, achieved lower grades.”

Dr. Rosen’s positive findings were that of an “increased virtual empathy to online friends, it allowed introverted adolescents a way to learn social skills behind the safety of various screens, as well as provided tools for teaching in compelling ways to engage young students.”

Communication is crucial amongst living beings and something we all rely on in order to get along. There are still many who don’t take part in social media, typically the older generations, but regardless, we need to remain vigilant in preserving the art and continue practicing with all generations. We can’t solely rely on social media as it is but a mere component of communication.

Social Media is here to stay, which is the way it is, but as with everything man-made, we need to monitor and offer guidance, so that the positive outweighs the negatives for all generations, as well as those to come. We, as parents, need to be responsible in listening and learning from the documented mistakes, be adamant about making sure necessary changes are made and hold those responsible accountable.

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  1. Hi Kristtina: Obviously, it is my opinion secondary to my observations over time, but common sense tells us there is a consequence of; also measured by behavior changes studied by various psychological societies. You have common sense my dear- that is a gift!

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