February is Heart Month-Are you Heart Healthy?

heart monthAre you aware of your family history? Any family members with high BP, high Cholesterol, arrhythmias or known heart disease? Are you monitoring diet closely as well as getting in your regular physical exercise? If you’re like the majority of people in this country, unless you’ve been involved with a family member’s illness, you most likely don’t have a clue as to your family history and are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle yourself.

There are no easy answers when it comes to taking care of oneself, other than follow the recommended guidelines put out by the medical industry. If you are aware of a family history of any of the aforementioned, doesn’t hurt to follow-up with your primary care provider and establish your own baseline. He or she, will also provide you with a strategy for monitoring your own health over time. Prevention is key.

Many providers offer various screenings during heart health month, such as public blood draws, ultrasound or vascular scans. These tests are merely screenings, but if any abnormal findings, then following up with your own physician will be recommended. The main purpose of screenings is to receive feedback on your lifestyle choices and if done on a fairly regular basis (annually or every 2 yrs etc) you can measure effects of any personal lifestyle changes by comparing the results.

Quality of Life depends largely on your health. If ya’ll put out the effort to take care of yourself as recommended, nothing but positive things can come from it. Happy Heart Month!!!

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