Finding Hope in a World of Dishonesty

hopeWe are all living in a world we no longer recognize. The center of the change appears to be the balance between the give and the take. Expenditures are far outweighing the money coming in. This problem is not only in our governments, but trickles down into our homes. It is a basic math equation, but for some reason, the majority of those trying to fix it leave us with no hope or security of ever resolving the problem.

Why are people making this so complicated? If the money isn’t there, then we don’t spend it, or if we need more money, then let’s find a way to earn it. Don’t give us empty words but rather solutions. Isn’t this what we teach our young children at an early age? What would it be like if our supposed leaders possessed the honesty of children–problems solved? Why can’t we create hope again by getting back to yes/no, good/bad or black/white answers. No more gray areas such as maybe yes, maybe no.

Sounds well and good but, secondary to several what I’d call, “feel good brain childs” introduced to our younger generations, including but not limited to, political correctness, everyone gets a trophy, do away with competition, everything goes etc., we’ve taken away our children’s Natural desires and Hopes to think and act independently, as well as shine on their own. At this rate, what will be our chances of finding honest answers in the future?

These methods of thinking have done nothing more than allowed our younger impressionable generations, to be all one in the same, which is not normal and they rightfully question it.  We’ve pushed away individualism, healthy competition, uniqueness as individuals, as well as teaching our children to use their god given gifts. It’s almost like brain washing in my opinion. Maybe we’ve gotten this wrong, need to admit it, then start over again in a direction based on honesty.

We as humans are all unique in our own ways, with talents that need to be recognized and preened. Not everyone’s going to be a Doctor, Scientist, Horse trainer, Economist, Stay at Home Mom, Olympic skier etc. There are always going to be those that are natural leaders and those that are followers. We can not lump everyone together and try to make them as one. This only teaches them to believe what isn’t always true and then eventually, what is truth?

If we would be truthful in allowing the young generations to grow into who they are, without trying to subdue their God-given talents, then just maybe, we’d once again be back on track of “being honest with no attached fuzzy math.” Children could once again hope and strive to be their best, without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. Who knows what the long-term effects of that power will have on our younger generations, especially when its time for them to run the world.



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