Finding Your Inner Peace In a Crazy World

Inner peace 2 While going through Cancer treatment a few years ago, I distinctively remember my visits to the Cancer Care Alliance where I experienced a level of peace amongst the people throughout the building, that was so palpable. As I looked around the waiting rooms, I observed people of both sexes and age; generally possessing qualities of calmness, smiling freely and demonstrating respect for one another. I witnessed no hollering or demanding of attention etc. I have been in the healthcare field 35+ years and not once do I ever remember experiencing anything like it.

Maybe its because for once, I was on the other side being a patient and in the past as a caregiver, I never had or took the time to notice. I truly was able to experience the hands on/caring from the medical professionals and/or personnel; something you’d never feel from people in the legal or accounting fields for example. It was an observed characteristic that was as plain as day.

I guess being in a vulnerable position really opens up one’s eyes. I will say that after that moment observing that peaceful feeling in the waiting rooms, I now possess an awareness of inner peace within people, that wasn’t there before. Its almost as if the feeling tells you everything’s okay and not to sweat the small stuff. It was a real eye opener in that no matter who you were, what type of job you had, how much money you had or who you knew, everyone observed in those room were in the same ballpark and on the same peaceful plane. Quite extraordinary!

Out in the real world, I find myself looking for people with those same special qualities I observed at those visits. Surprisingly, I do see a few every now and then and literally, find that quite heartwarming. I just hope that we as humans don’t get so sidetracked by our over busy lives that we fail to see the things in one another that are so powerful yet so simple. I remember my grandfather, a very wise man, once tell me to slow down and smell the roses. I remember looking at him thinking Grandpa, you’re in another world. Little did I know that it would take me more than half my lifetime to really understand what he meant. I’m just happy that I was able to figure it out.

I wish for each and every one of you, some type of experience in your lives, that will show you the true meaning of life. Don’t spend a whole lifetime striving for the world and thinking that you will find that true happiness/inner peace. Just realize that its generally right in front of our eyes, if we just take the time to look ya’ll.

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