Foods to Help Prevent Cancer

cancer diet  We all have either family members, friends or a personal history of having had cancer.  We also have the common occurrence of mutated or damaged cells in our bodies; most of which our immune systems destroy. Those cells our body doesn’t destroy are generally considered cancer cells. Millions and millions of dollars have been dedicated towards ongoing research for cures of all types of cancers. Unfortunately, the cures still evade us. There are avenues that we as human beings, can go down in hopes of preventing various cancers, such as diet.

Our environment is filled with may external factors with potential for causing mutated cells; some we can control and some we can’t. We can control what goes into our bodies in the way of food. There are many foods known to prevent cancer cells and with that in mind, why not take charge and attempt a healthier diet ya’ll? Check out the helpful link below. Here’s to good health!!

Foods that fight Cancer Link

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