Frugality vs Life of Excesses?

frugality vs excessMany believe that living a life of excesses would be the easiest way to skate through life. A lifestyle of excess appears to be more so based on a “want” premise rather than a “need” basis. The picture most people  don’t associate with a life of excesses, is that typically, more support people are involved in carrying out that particular lifestyle, therefore, any negative  consequences related to a life of excesses, will clearly affect more people. How in charge of your own life choices would you really be, with an ongoing barrage of stimuli around you?

Those that would probably disagree with me, only do so because that goal is something they haven’t ascertained at this point in their lives. On the other hand and at the other extreme, is the choice of living a frugal lifestyle. A frugal lifestyle requires one to be more disciplined in their choices and to be able to really discern between needing something or wanting something. A frugal person typically simplifies his thought processes, weeding out any unnecessary stimuli that would lead him or her down a road they couldn’t handle.; more a logical approach secondary to a realistic lifestyle.

A person living excessively, has more of a tendency to let their guard down and at times, make choices impulsively. This doesn’t mean they’re being unaccountable but merely have the means to cover their choices. A frugal person may also on occasion let their guard down and act impulsively, yet more so on the basis of a planned for event. A frugal person appears to live healthier lifestyles than a person living an excessive lifestyle as they generally are more physically active and rely more on their physical bodies to get them places, rather than spending their time being transported around by other modes, as a person living on excesses.

The stress levels are an area  of difference as well. The person living on excesses would have a greater level of stress on a daily basis, dealing with all the over and above stimuli from people and his worldly goods. A frugal person also has stress but usually more controllable by self since they don’t typically rely on others to help them carry out their day-to-day schedules and aren’t as obsessed with materialism. A frugal person is use to living and operating on a budget for everything he or she does. A person living on excesses has more of a tendency to not worry until a crises, usually created by their empires, arises.

Living a life of excess doesn’t free you from your own spiritually or from having to be accountable for actions. A more complex lifestyle created by excesses makes it easier to hide from ourselves or others, whereas a frugal existence has more of a tendency to keep one from such a choice or existence. Both lifestyles have many issues requiring consideration from the people choosing them. Neither is easier than the other and typically, they just don’t happen when one walks out the door from dad and mom’s.

We all strive to do the best we can in our lives; physically, spiritually as well as financially. We’re also dealt different cards in life; some by choice and some not. The road we choose to go down is clearly one of choice for all of us. I personally believe growing up and practicing frugality is a good choice and if that leads you to a life of excess, then you will have all the more tools in your favor, to help you deal with the associated issues. Best word of advice I can give is to try to remain grounded and clear minded through discipline, then a life of excess could be turned into a potentially good choice.

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