Ideas to help manage living on unemployment?

unemployment  Unemployment is one noun the majority of us never thought we would ever have to encounter. With more than 10% of Americans unemployed as stated at, life for many has taken on new meaning. Unemployment, no  matter how packaged;  pink slip or unplanned requested visit to your bosses’ office, would be hard to digest. How does one process such information? With the pressure of ongoing expenses and for some, a family to feed, the weight of the world has to be on their shoulders. Beyond the pressure, how does this affect the psyche? I’m sure there are many questions that come to mind, with no easy answers.

The aforementioned website did lay out several worthwhile ideas/common sense in handling or controlling some situations around unemployment. If I were in these shoes, I would want to go home and talk to the ones I trust the most, spouse or family, which would in itself help alleviate some of the stress or burden. Per human nature, I’m sure the incident would play over and over in one’s mind until some sense could be made of it.

The shock will eventually dissipate and with your friends and family’s help, a plan of attack will most likely come into being. In the meantime, there are resources out there set up to help individuals/families in this situation. The hardest part will be adjusting to not getting up and heading to work on a daily basis with the associated feelings of being lost. Like anything that befalls us, education is the answer. Recommend spending time reading up on the economy to see who’s hiring, as well as continue to look for potential new jobs. Stay on your toes and plan on re-inventing yourself if the need arises.  You will most likely have some time to think and plan, so use it wisely ya’ll and Best Wishes for a quick turn around.

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