Importance of Good Dental Care in Young children


toddler brushingThe best time to start teaching dental care with your children is when their teeth start coming in and they’re physically able to hold their own brush by themselves. When other family members brush theirĀ  teeth, that’s the time to give the young ones their brush and let them start mimicking others’ behaviors.

Another important issue when they start getting use to the brush, is to also get them use to other people handling their mouths, such as taking control of the brush and moving it around gently in their mouth while distracting them with positive words of encouragement. They may not like it at first and try to push you away but with a little persistence on a day-to-day level, it will be a mere matter of time before they accept it.I’ve always used the sugar bug theme when teaching little ones how to brush. Using the sugar bug in a negative way, such as the food you just ate has sugar bugs in it and they will eat holes in your teeth (while showing them an old filling in my mouth for a visual), so let me help you get rid of them. etc. I’m sure you get the gist. Whatever works ya’ll.

Don’t get discouraged and give up as their mental image of dental care is being formed. The dental associations recommend taking your child to the dentist at approx age 2 1/2-3, unless they need to be seen earlier for a particular problem. Be sure and ask your dentist/hygienists to go over your brushing techniques with you as they will have little tricks that will make things easier. If you’ve been working with your child prior to that time, their first dental appointment will be nothing but positive.

Dental Care Answers for your Children

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