Injustices to Man, Secondary to the System

Injustice I already had my blog topics decided for the day but after a conversation with a close acquaintance this am, I’m overriding my plans to discuss/learn from this person’s experience. Nothing against our country’s legal system, which isn’t perfect as we all know, but some regulations/laws passed onto the average humans’ lives, are more of a burden than helpful. Why isn’t there a system in place where we, the average humans can go to, to discuss/prove our points and have an immediate mutual decision made with problem solved and no involvement of legal entities. Our current legal system appears to have created too many layers of regulation that protects those that should be held accountable and drops those that are in the right, in the cracks.

In the past when there were less attorneys as well as numbers of people, settlement of issues was so much easier. Accountability on both sides of the aisle  was expected and yes/no resolutions, pretty much prevailed. People didn’t expect to get out of the equation, which appears to be the motive of cases today. It’s not uncommon now days, to see nothing but finger-pointing and impasse, then legal actions. Where did we go wrong?

My acquaintance was recently divorced with her Ex-spouse signing over all properties, which she, not he, paid for. He did not work and neither paid child support or alimony and pretty much what we refer to as a deadbeat. She recently re-financed her house with her son co-signing.  Two to three weeks after signing, she received a reimbursement check secondary to overpayment, in a reasonably large amount that was addressed to her Ex and herself; when it should have been her son and herself. She did go into the financial institution,requested they re-issue the check and after 5-6 calls and being passed over, the personal representative informed her that they couldn’t do that and she would have to come in with her Ex to sign check over to her. She was also given an address to send correspondence to, in another attempt to try to get issue resolved. In other words, stalling techniques came in to play.

She did bring in her divorce papers/click claim deed showing property in her name as well as had proof that it was her who made payments, yet the bank wouldn’t budge. Meanwhile, her Ex is who knows where and of the type that will expect retribution. This is the down side of bureaucracy, supposedly put in place to protect us. Where is common sense as well as fairness? This person, who has done things according to Hoyle all along, is now in a penalized position, rather than the individual whose name is mistakenly on the check and shouldn’t be. She doesn’t have the funds to hire an attorney, is working full-time, raising the kids and is now burdened with trying to track down her Ex and getting him to oblige. This is blatantly wrong and where the courts often leave many, without means or a method in place, to resolve issues with legal implications, on their own.

Our legal system has gotten so complicated that common man can’t navigate within. I also believe that many institutions, including banks, use legal excuses without policies to back them up, to avoid dealing with client’s issues that would merely require someone being accountable and making a decision with consequent resolution. Wonder why our current legal system is so overloaded and backed up,  with a lot of cases being labeled and dropped as frivolous. I personally interpret this as issues that could have been resolved if anyone had used common sense. We’ve turned into such a litigious society that people are not even attempting to make or resolve their own issues.

The person who inspired this blog is not taking the Institution’s employees opinions as a final answer. She will give them a few days then call and ask them for a copy of their policy that states that their answer is how they in fact handle such situations. In my opinion, realizing that I’m not a legal representative, if the institution can’t provide policy, then this individual will should be re-issued another check. Let’s get back for common sense and fairness ya’ll.











I’m sure you’ve all experienced or will experience an issue at some point in your life, that

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