Kitchens; the heart of the home???

kitchen heart of home

The kitchen in our house is always in flux. It’s the most used room of the house outside of the personal bedroom/bathroom. Discussions, arguments, decisions, homework and projects on every topic imaginable, are all carried out in the kitchen, not just the task of cooking.

Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes and colors; to each their own preference. Some people need lots of room to cook and some need minimal space. Everyone’s idea of kitchen comfort ranges all over the place. As to what goes on in the kitchen is generally dictated by the family inhabiting the house.  I guess you could say the kitchen is comparable to a wheel, with spokes heading in every direction,  linking all individuals in the household. It’s almost telepathic in nature in that there are signs throughout the kitchen, left by everyone in the household on any given day, that  leave hints or clues as to what’s going on with each person.

There are those who run through at the speed of sound, scurrying about to grab a bite/easy meal and out the door; crumbs/minor spills left, dirty dishes in the sink  and a few crumbs tracked on the route to the door. There are those who have too much time that day; lingering cups of coffee abound, too many pans left in the dish rack and left over foods on the counter to cool. The kitchen also dictates how long people hang out there. The all inviting hunger provoking aromas are generally found hovering in the kitchen with a tendency to draw people in for long visits or at least until a sampling of the wares has taken place. Then again, when the aromas aren’t people friendly, the line thins out and everyone has something more important to do than hang out.

Entertaining generally occurs in and around the kitchen as well. We have other rooms away from the kitchen to comfortably sit and socialize in, but, the kitchen always wins and that’s where everyone congregates. It’s also the room with best lighting and closest to the food sources. I personally think that people now a days typically entertain in a more casual manner and what a better place for that, than in the kitchen. Just need to figure out how to get them to do the dishes while visiting!

Kitchen maintenance is another issue unto itself. The kitchen is the room in the house most often cleaned; no less than 3 times a day. It’s never a popular choice or task. All you have to do is mention anything related or associated to this topic and the kitchen mysteriously empties. From my viewpoint, anyone eating anything whatsoever in the kitchen, has a familial responsibility in taking a turn dispersing a little elbow grease.  I will admit that usually isn’t a problem as I make sure at mealtime to point out who’s turn it is; no room for slacking at Belle’s. 🙂

Might as well enjoy your kitchens, as you will spend a great deal of your life there. Investing time and money in making your kitchen a place you want to hang out in, might not be a bad idea. Just remember, if ya’ll make your kitchen too nice, you’ll feel guilty whenever needing an escape for an evening out!!



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