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When children typically reach the 2nd or 3rd grades, they are so much more social and interested in being with their peers and not so much their own immediate family members. It’s also the perfect age range where an outside source such as any of the 4-H clubs, Scouting or various activities, such as Dance, Music or any of the Teamsports, can be a timely fit in your children’s life as a socializing and learning experience. Taking the 4-H organization, for example, their motto is to teach children to lead by using their Head (thinking), Heart (caring), Hands (working) and Health (living).

Many moons ago, as a young girl, I remember being in both Cooking/Sewing and Horse affiliated 4-H clubs. I attained nothing but positive memories during my time in these clubs and learned many life skills that I use to this very day. My mother and father were very positive influences for me during that phase of my life but I was ready to take on new responsibilities, especially ones I requested and that my closest friends also chose. I knew there was a commitment component, which wasn’t an issue for me, as the excitement for getting to do this far outweighed the responsibility.

It’s not uncommon for a lot of parents to put their children into various activities with long term benefits; some more than others, yet all skills offering some type of value to be used throughout their lives? Maybe its a little early to worry about what skills we want our children to learn, yet they are so much more absorbent of their surroundings at younger ages, that I don’t think starting early would ever be a detriment.

Thinking back on my experiences again, I was able to eventually sew my own clothes and model them at the County fair, as well as able to help cook/ prepare family meals; all skills I personally learned from my time in 4-H. These acquired skills did nothing but build my confidence levels at a young age, just knowing that I couldĀ  do these things for myself. Back then, we were also fortunate to be able to compete at the local County fair and earned ribbons and money prizes, which we were encouraged to save for our College education.

I realize that every child is unique and their desires to do outside activities/events, will come when they’re ready, but not before. We as parents, don’t want to push our children into things we think they want to do, as this may do nothing but create a bad experience in itself. If we don’t provide the options when our children are ready, it does nothing but delay their confidence as well as their road to independence .

It’s never too early to start doing homework as to what clubs/activities are out there that can offer the most towards your children’s futures. To help get you started ya’ll, I’ve provided the following link to the 4-H organization for you to research.

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