Looking for help with College Tuition; Ideas?

college College tuition continues to increase annually, whether we like it or not. Back when I went to college, there were grants, scholarships and financial aid. I personally had a state funded scholarship, which was revoked at the last-minute prior to my first quarter, secondary to state budget problems. I ended up signing up for financial aid and fortunately, this avenue worked for me.

Most parents out in the real world are struggling to make ends meet and to even think of their kids going to college, is a concept not  in their immediate goals. The time to start planning is when your child is born. I know it’s easier to put something not needed for 18 years on the back burner, but without early planning, the odds for it to come to fruition, decrease as each year goes by.

I remember my father and mother telling each of us 8 kids, that we were going to college from the time we were knee-high. That impressionable age was when the seed was sowed. It was common knowledge amongst my siblings that once we finished high school, we would head to college. This wasn’t  considered financial planning, but rather the beginning of the concept of college, for us as children. Friends later in life actually asked me how it was that we knew we were going to college, no if’s, ands or buts. It was so simple, “our parents told us we were” at a very young age. It worked.

My family didn’t have the means to pay for our college education, but by bringing us up to work hard to achieve good grades, participate in sports, as well as become involved in our church and our local community, we were kept on course by parental guidance, for getting ready to go to college. My parents also taught up to save our monies for college and to not touch it until it was time. Once in high school, we took on more responsibility towards finding the resources to open the door. Tuition assistance is there parents, just takes EFFORT to find and put in place.

There are so many more options for tuition assistance out there now, than in years past. I am going to personally make effort to research this area and present to you my findings,  in order to help you in turn help your children, have the opportunity to achieve a college education. The following site has some good basic information which will give you a starting point. We may have to work a little harder, but it is doable ya’ll.

College Tuition Assistance Ideas

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