Medicare’s Doctor Fix for 2013

healthcareThe annual Doctor’s fix by Congress, has become an annual fear in the Healthcare community; especially for those providers seeing a large number of Medicare/Medicaid patients. Its become so unnerving that a lot of small practitioners are now choosing to leave the profession, which only creates more burden on the system as well as leaves the aging population with nowhere to go.

Someone close to me has recently retired from the medical profession. After approx 40 years of helping serve the public, it was a hard decision for this individual but a necessary one with the significantly decreased reimbursement, rising costs and consequent inability to keep the doors open. The new Obama Care mandate will not  be able to fix this situation but rather create more of a burden on a system that won’t be able to handle the increase in demands.

The numbers of enrollees into the healthcare profession is not rising enough to compensate for what’s to come. There will be a healthcare shortage and for one to think not, your head is in the sand. I’m afraid the death panels mentioned during the Obamacare discussions, will become a reality. With the ongoing rise in costs and closer monitoring by the government through Electronic Health Records, the system will become more mechanical and cold, with the most vulnerable age groups being affected. It may just be a gut feeling but after 35+ yrs in the healthcare system myself, I can clearly see this coming and I don’t particularly like it.  Just want you, the public, to be aware, not surprised and to remember that it is the voice of the people who control the government of this country.

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