More taxes on us, the little guys, under Obamacare

taxmanI’m sure most of you viewed or heard of the Cabela receipts posted online today. These receipts were snapshots, taken by several individuals who had shopped at Cabela’s recently. They clearly demonstrated a charge for medical excise tax, yet purchases were clearly unrelated to anything medical.

Totally baffled by this, as well as being in the medical field and not understanding the correlation between Cabela’s and the medical excise tax, I decided to go in and check the federal register to try to find out a little more from the source who wrote it. The tax and regulations section of the federal register demonstrated New section 4191; imposing an excise tax on the sale of certain medical devices by their manufacturer or Importer.

The manufacturers excise tax regulations defined the term manufacturer to include any person that produces a taxable article from scrap, salvage or junk material or from new or raw material, by processing, manipulating or changing the form of an article or by combining or assembling two or more articles. They went on to define an importer of a taxable article as any person that brings the article into the US from a source outside the US or that withdraws the article from a customs bonded warehouse for sale or use in the US.

I am not a tax attorney but common sense tells me that Cabelas’ being a manufacturer/importer of taxable items into the US, are considered to be targeted as source for the new Obamacare imposed Medical Excise Tax. Don’t know about the rest of ya’ll, but I find this simply amazing. How is it that we elect people to represent us and this is what we get? I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more things passed onto us, by this horrendous Obamacare bill. We, the people, have no choice but to try and live more frugally–survival!!!



  1. Instead of having to live more frugally we “THE PEOPLE” need to fight back on this one and others that are in the wings to bite us in the butt. Everyone needs to write their Representatives and declare these kinds of undisclosed taxes unfair and unconstutional. The current government’s intentions are to take from the wealthy and the middle class and spread the wealth and in this sneaky, underhanded way (buried in the bowels of the bill) it’s happening now and will continue as different elements of the bill are implemented. The next big hit will be when you sell a home and we realize the taxes levied on our homes. We all need to be fully aware of what’s coming down the road and be prepared to either pay it or fight back! An article on the full impacts of the bill would be a great compliment to this article!

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