National Birth Defects Month

birth defect prevention month January is Birth Defects Prevention Month.  The American Society of Pediatrics notes that Birth Defects affect 1 out of 33 births. 1 out of 5 deaths related to birth defects. Birth defects are caused by many things, not just genetics.In addition to genetics, things such as smoking, alcohol use, drug use and exposure to chemical and infectious disease have all been linked to birth defects. There is no family history linked to children born with birth defects. It is recommended by the American Society of Pediatrics that women who do become pregnant, to begin taking Vitamins with Folic Acid right away. Folic Acid is  known to help baby’s brain and spine development. They also recommend no drinking of alcohol and to seek out pre-natal care/screening to help diagnosis potential early problems so that there is time to help make decisions and to adjust. Lastly, not enough importance can be stated about eating a healthy diet.

All aforementioned recommendations are critical in helping decrease women’s odds of having a baby with birth defects. Please find the attached link to State prevention networks, for additional information.

Link to Birth Defects Month

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